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mid Oct 2021 to mid March 2022.

Hosted by Eric Antonette

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be 100% open and honest about everything you are thinking and feeling? This is a space where you are totally free to reveal exactly what is going on inside you. To let it all out and be free from pretending you have it all together. To be free to vision what your life gets to look like and to begin the process of creating it! All in a space that is accepting and free of judgment.

Here's What You Get:

What results can you expect?


What has transpired since my sessions with Eric are continuous feelings of deep healing, profound love, reclaimed strength and empowerment, and regaining my trust and faith in myself and in the Divine. A lot of pain was purged and healed throughout those months, and longtime feelings of inadequacy, disempowerment, victimhood, anxiety and doubt have dissolved and been replaced with a peaceful calmness within, and a knowing that All is well.Love is an endless act of forgiveness.

Eric has been instrumental in healing and guiding me towards “wholeness”. By reconnecting me with my “Self”. His techniques have both enabled me to identify, feel and understand why I felt stuck and disconnected in a variety of situations. His expertise and has also provided me with tools and insights which I can use in my life on a daily basis

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2021 for $2,450 a 30% savings

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